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Welcome to the Bujinkan Yamaneko Dojo in Tucson, Arizona! Here you can learn all there is to get you started training in one of the last, true martial arts. Budo Taijutsu or Ninjutsu is 800 years old and is the original mixed martial art.  One of the last true complete warrior arts, Budo Taijutsu incorporates strikes, kicks, grappling, and a myriad of weapons into one organic, intuitive system that utilizes timing, distance and flow in place of speed and strength.

The Bujinkan Yamaneko Dojo in Tucson was founded in 1990 by Shihan (Gentleman Master) Prather and is the oldest Ninjutsu Training School in Arizona. 

Since 1984 Shihan Jeffrey Prather has been Soke (Grandmaster) Masaaki Hatsumi’s personal student. Both teacher and student have continuously visited each other in the US and Japan over the past 30 plus years. Shihan Prather has been inducted twice into the US Martial Arts Hall of Fame, published and featured in both U.S. and Japan’s most prestigious martial arts magazines, and his books and DVDs sell worldwide.  Shihan Prather was awarded a second Shihan rank by Soke Hatsumi in Shinkengata (real life combat) and has been awarded the prestigious Dragon Gold Medal by Soke twice.  All ranks and certificates come from Hatsumi Soke and the Hombu in Japan.


30 years after becoming Soke's personal student, Prather Shihan returned again to Japan to visit his teacher and longtime friends.  Please visit our photo gallery to view some highlights of his trip!

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Join Shihan as he shows the techniques of the Ninja blowgun and cane. 

Filmed at the Bujinkan Yamaneko Dojo in Tucson, AZ 

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