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Bujinkan USA - The original MMA, Tucson, AZ

Family oriented, works without stregnth

We are the best in the world for self-protection and the protection of others. 

Budo Taijutsu utilizes minimal effort for maximum effect. As such, we are ideal for kids, ladies and elders. We are the original art of MMA in Tucson, AZ.

Budo Taijutsu uses relaxed natural movement and distance to overcome an opponent's speed and strength. 

This naturalness results in power from mere movement and evasion from a simple adjustment of position.

The Bujinkan incorporates strikes, punches, kicks, throws, locks, tumbling, weaponry, stealth, meditation and spiritual empowerment, making the Bujinkan one of the few surviving complete martial arts systems, undiluted by emphasis on tournaments, sport, or artificial rules.  The Bujinkan teaches shikengata - real survival techniques!

Outdoor training and nature are vital to ninjutsu

Since traditional ninja shared a special tie to nature, we hold some of our classes out doors. The martial artist who trains only on mats or smooth wooden floors is often unprepared for hard falls, bad weather, or uneven terrain. 

In contrast, our senior students are comfortable fighting in any environment, rolling and falling, even from height, on concrete, or in the dark.

Grandmaster Hatsumi in Tucson in 1999

As you get to know us you will find that our warrior values also make us an extremely family oriented, tight-knit group. Those who you sweat and train with become your most reliable friends. 

In the Bujinkan you will quickly learn the most efficient ways ever devised to defend yourself in a fight, but in the long run you will learn how to survive in life.