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A beautiful hickory and maple Prather War Bowie wood trainer is now available and it is a must for PWB seminar goers!

The War Bowie is an exact match of its steel counterpart, measuring 12-5/8 inches overall with  a 7-1/4-inch blade.  It has a gracefully curved edge that terminates in a well-centered point. Like true fighting Bowies—and unlike many field knives—the War Bowie features a nice distal taper that optimizes its edge geometry and the acuteness of its point. It therefore emphasizes the ability to cut and puncture over the ability to pry.

 The handle of the War Bowie features is sized to fill the hand nicely, while still providing a flat enough profile to allow natural edge orientation and torquing leverage. The juncture of the War Bowie’s handle and blade features a dropped, integral guard. Like a traditional crossguard, it provides a solid stop to prevent your hand from sliding forward onto the blade; however, it does not prevent choking up on the handle and even extending your thumb on the spine of the blade (which happens to be jimped for a solid purchase). This makes controlled utility work with the heel of the blade much easier.

 Another benefit of the integral guard is that it orients the blade’s cutting edge so it is even with the knuckles of the hand. Many handle designs force the knuckles to protrude beyond the line of the edge, often resulting in some serious knuckle banging during ballistic cutting or frantic emergency use.

The butt end of the War Bowie is square with rounded corners. This shape supports the palm-reinforced grip described earlier, allows the tang to be used for limited utility hammering, and does not poke or gouge the user during carry (like many overrated “skull crusher” pommels). It also includes a hole for a lanyard or fob.

 Order a sharp PWB with your trainer and get both at a 15% discount!

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