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Prather War Bowie DVD


PRATHER WAR BOWIE: The American Sword Official Training DVD Special Forces veteran Jeffrey Prather poured his military and martial arts training into this American ninjutsu steel!? -Michael Janich, Tactical Knives The Bowie has long been regarded as the most versatile field and fighting knife, and the PWB is the most versatile variant. Now master martial artist, special operations veteran, ex-DEA special agent, DIA intelligence officer and PWB designer Jeff Prather unveils never before seen secrets of rigging and running this battle blade! Rigging sheath for tactical or concealed carry Super quick on-off mounting techniques Safe, secure drawing and sheathing Ingenious PWB retention rigging Special grips forward and back Lightning fast back cuts Surprisingly powerful blocks Live cutting like a katana Stances and slashes Fighting fundamentals History versus myth Blade width function Immediate stops Since its debut, the PWB has developed a worldwide following, with PWB fans from Germany to Singapore requesting training. But since few can make the trip to Tucson, this DVD is twenty six minutes of full color, high definition, narration and demonstration by PWB designer Jeff Prather, filmed at his dojo during the 2017 PWB seminar. Color DVD 26 Minutes

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